Frequently Asked Questions

We perform an extensive and detailed analysis of every property, its market and the owner’s situation. There are many variables that go into the calculation of the best offer for your property including the location, extent of repairs needed and the vale of other houses in the area of similar kind and condition to yours.
You are never under any obligation to sell us your property. It is your decision if you want to work with us and whether or not selling is the best fit for you.
Once you speak with a member of our team, we will generally turn an offer around in 24-48 hours after getting all of the required and/or requested information from you.

When selling your house with Home Team Properties, there are no hidden fees or commission fees. This means that you will get more money on the offer for your house. If there are any fees with closing your house, we will pay it for you!

Home Team Properties currently buys houses anywhere in the USA with a special focus on markets in California, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, and Alabama.

How It Works


Step 1: Enter Information

We need some basic information about you and the house you are trying to sell so we can work on your offer!


Step 2: Get An Offer

Once we process your information, our team of experts will give you an offer for your house!


Step 3: Prepare To Close

Once you accept the offer for your house, an expert will come to evaluate your house on your time when you’re ready!


We have Different Types of Offers That You Can Choose From

Cash Offer

Owner Finance Offer

Mortgage Finance Offer

Flip Your House With Us

Types of Houses We Buy

Types of houses we have purchased in the past.



Houses that are in the process of being liquidated and need to be sold immediately.



Houses where the owner needs to relocate and does not have time to list their house properly with an agent.



Houses where the owner has retired and can no longer afford the payments associated with it.



Houses that have been seized by a lien and needs to be paid off immediately for debts against the house.


Owe Taxes

Houses that owe taxes or have high taxes and the owner is no longer able to afford the payments.


Costly Repairs

Houses that were damaged by natural disasters and the owner cannot afford to repair the house.

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